Izakaya Supreme Brunch Christmas Edition

A special brunch is organized every month in Izakaya. The event has a different theme every time. This time it was the Christmas Edition, as the Christmas season has almost arrived … With this brunch everyone was in the Christmas spirit. The Santa himself even paid a visit to this luxury brunch! Unfortunately he was quickly gone, probably to buy gifts for everyone, but unfortunately I do not have a photo of him 😦

file (21)

Upon arrival you will receive a delicious drink, with this time the Christmas theme. In addition to the drink, food is of course also served. The menu consists of different delicacies from Asian cuisine, there is something for everyone, because drinking on an empty stomach usually does not last long.

file1 (5)

The DJ plays good music, people are having a good time and there is even a bit of movement with the hips … Everyone has done his best to dress up nicely and the people are fully in the party mood. As can be seen below, I also was dressed in the theme, I was a bit like the wife of Santa Clause 😉 However, the mistletoe next to it did not do its job. Not yet found my Santa Claus, but that didn’t spoil the fun.

The Izakaya Supreme Brunch feels like a night out, where you have no idea what time it is. For your feeling it is 10 p.m, but in reality it is still noon. That is the great thing about this event. It starts at 1 p.m. and has already ended at 6 p.m. During that time you have done some nice drinks and dancing and you are even home in time for dinner. Probably you will be fresh at work the next day. I really think this is an great invention. There should be more like such events. Since I do not want to wait one month before I can do another dance on a Sunday afternoon.


The jumpsuit is from Asos and the top is from H & M.

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