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I recently started training at Trainmore. Oh my god what do I love this gym!!!  Trainmore has various locations throughout the Netherlands. I like to sport in my favorite neighborhood, De Pijp, Amsterdam.

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It is often difficult to go to the gym. There is always a reason whether it is bad weather or you would rather sit on the terrace or any other excuse. But at this gym it is the opposite. You are just super motivated to go to the gym. Why do you think? I will tell you …

You will be rewarded for every workout. For every sports session, 1 euro of your total amount will be paid. How wonderful is that?!

Here is an example: Your memebership is 40 euros per month, but you go 15 times a month to the gym, then you only have to pay 25 euros !!!!

Register now here and sport until November 2018 for free!!! All you have to do is fill in the code Emily

Schermafbeelding 2018-09-07 om 00.12.42Information about the gym

The gym is equipped with everything. I prefer to start on the treadmill to warm up, then I get started with the abdominal exercises to work with the leg and arm muscles.


If you do not feel like doing your own exercises, you can also use different types of lessons. These are shown below:

                                                                      More steps

This straining provides tight legs, buttocks and belly, through great music and simple but effective exercises.

       More spinning 

With this workout you burn a lot of calories in a fun way.

More Yoga 

Everybody needs a moment of rest now and then, with this yoga session you come to rest again and you forget those deadlines and the stress in your life.

                                                                        Hiit Box

With this training of 30 min you train all your muscles, through punching bags, ropes and sandbags

   More Combat

Unleash your inner warrior with More Combat. This lesson inspired by Eastern martial arts combines movements from karate, boxing and tai-chi to the ultimate cardio workout. Kiai!

                                                                     More Vital 

Varied group lessons for good flexibility and fitness.

                                                                     More Boxing

Who does not get better from a good box lesson.

More shape 

Become stronger, more agile and slimmer with More Shape. A simple but very effective work-out for the whole body.

More Pilates 

With each More Pilates session you become stronger, more agile and tighter.

                                                                    More Pump

In this lesson you train with different weights to create stronger muscles

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