Forte Dei Marmi

Italy has many beautiful places, Forte Dei Marmi is one of my favorites. In this blog I give you some information about this city and what you can expect during your visit…

file (36)

The most people who live here are all nicely dressed with the latest fashion and look very chic. The city has many shops with beautiful brands, so there is plenty of choice to match the classy Italian style.

It’s wonderful to walk through the city and absorb everything. From the beautiful buildings to the amazing one of a kind cars that drive through the streets. There is something for everyone to dream about. This city gives you energy and makes you want to parade through the streets in your most beautiful outfit. file (37)


file (38)The beautiful city is located on the beach. There are many different beach resorts. The prices of the beds / chairs and umbrellas are quite pricey, but this varies per beach tent. At one beach bar you pay 140 euros for two chairs / a bed and a parasol and at the other beach bar you pay 60 euros for this. 

You can not book in advance at some seaside resorts. They want to see you first to see if you fit their beach tent. Below you will find some nice beach bars:


There are many restaurants, both on the beach and in the middle of the city. Below you will find two of my favorites:

The Fratellini’s 

The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor area where you can dine or just have a drink.
I went for Burrata as a starter. This dish never disappoints me, what a pleasure to eat this! For the main course I went for the tender grilled sea bass, with file (39)
chicory, pumpkin flower with almond milk and lotus root chips (see photo) Both dishes are highly recommended here.

Not such a fish eater? They also have a lot of choice in meat dishes or vegetarian dishes.

Make your reservation here



10 Restaurant 

This restaurant lives up to its name. Not only was the food worth a 10, the service too! The owner of the restaurant immediately greeted us, you feel right away at home.

At this restaurant there is also plenty of choice.  For fish lovers, this restaurant is highly recommended. You can choose your own fish that have been freshly caught that day. You are guided by the staff to a very large fish tank and you can choose your own fish.

And for the dessert lovers… Take the tiramisu. The best I have ever eaten. It is not too powerful, which is often the case. This tiramisu is perfect!  file (40)

Go find out for yourself and click here






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