Make-A-Wish Campaign / Run to the moon and back

On Tuesday September 25, 2018 it was full moon. The campaign of Make-A-Wish started on this day.  The organization has come up with a nice, but especially good campaign. We all know the saying I love you until the moon and back! This means that you love someone so much that it can not be expressed in a number. Until now…

Schermafbeelding 2018-09-27 om 12.48.29It has been calculated that the road to the moon, and back again, is 768,800 km. The goal is to make the way to the moon and back within a month, when the next full moon is there. This sounds a bit weird of course, how can you cover so many miles on your name? Well the answer is in a team, everyone can contribute, that’s the beauty! Even if it is only 1 km, every km counts. Together we can achieve this goal, together we are strong!

That we are strong together was clearly visible on Tuesday in the Westerpark. We met with a group of people to cover 1 km, and this was at the same time the launch of the campaign for Make-A-Wish. Before we started running we received an explanation from two dutch ambassadors from Make-A-Wish, Wendy van Dijk and Sjoerd van Ramshorst. They explain what the organization stands for and why it is so necessary to raise money for this purpose.

After the presentation it was time to run 1 km. Everyone was so enthusiastic and really wanted to compete for that one km. There were even people who went for extra laps, very cool to see! There was also a group of children who wanted to make miles for the sick children. They did not want to stop before they finished the 1km. Everyone wanted to help ❤️

Would you like to help achieve this goal and raise as much money as possible for this charity? Below you will find the instructions:

  • Download here the Run tot the moon and back app
  • Find a sponsor or sponsors who would like to have a contribution for your run kilometers
  • Register as a participant and state how many sponsors you have and how much the sponsors pay per km

Information about the organization                                                                                        Make-A-Wish is already a very well-known organization, but I think that even more attention should be paid to this. This organization does so much good for incurably ill children. They ensure that the children forget for a moment that they are sick. The children can choose a wish and the organization ensures that this wish is realized as well as possible. This can be anything from being a princess for a day or bathing in a chocolate bath.

With 400 volunteers in The Netherlands, they now realize more than 550 wishes of seriously ill children and young people, aged between 3 and 18 years. Make-A-Wish Foundation is currently active in 50 countries and on 5 continents. It is the largest wish-fulfilling organization in the world and fulfills 15,000 wishes per year.

Not such a sports fan, no problem. You can make here a donation for this wonderful goal any time of the day. If you can not make a financial contribution right now, there is always a possibility to volunteer. Sign up here


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