Launch Limited Edition Evian X Bjorn van den Berg

Every year Evian has a collaboration with a designer. This year it’s Bjorn van den berg, designer of luxury.

With this amazing collaboration they want to say the following message: Something to give, Something to share and Something to cherish. You share this bottle with your family and loved ones at special moments. As is often the case with champagne, the cork is kept as a memory. Now you can wear this beautiful piece by Bjorn Van Den Berg, so that you always have this special memory with you.

Model Loiza Lamers is the face of this exclusive limited edition. Only 18 bottles have been made with the jewel. The price of this limited edition is 495.00 euros.

Evian is natural mineral water and very well known worldwide. The brand is concerned with the environment and aims to be Co2 neutral in 2020. In 2025 the production of the plastic bottles will be 100% recycled

Designer Bjorn van den Berg

Bjorn Van Den Berg makes beautiful designs. They are worn by many Hollywood stars. Such as Demi Lovato, Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj. His designs are made with clear crystals and black diamonds. I’m already a big fan of this designer!

This event took place in the beautiful Hotel TwentySeven. They have not been open for long and have already received a Michelin star for the good food. A few bites were served and they were delicious! I understand that they got that star.

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