Tesalate Towel

Tesalate products can be used for different purposes. For example, they can be used well as a yoga mat, but it is primarily meant as a towel. The amazing thing is that no sand sticks to this towel. How great is that ?! We all know the case that you lie down on your beach bed and that your towel is completely covered with sand and so are you, with the towels from Tesalate this is a thing of the past…

In addition to the sand-free towel, it is super easy to store in a supplied bag. The towel takes up very little space.

The towels come in many different patterns, so there is something for everyone. You can opt for a 1 person or two person towel. The 1 person towel is 160 cm x 80 cm and the two person towel is 160 cm x 160 cm.

Tesalate have customers in over 130 countries and have become the most review beach product, ever. They are obsessed with making an impossibly good beach towel.

Go to the website and discover all types of towels:


You can now buy a towel with a 15% discount with the following code: EMILY15

The discount code is valid until 31 May 2019

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