Koyye Fashion


Recently I started a collaboration with the brand Koyye Fashion. I had never heard of it before but am very glad they contacted me…

After receiving an email asking if I wanted to promote a few items of their brand, I immediately checked the website of the brand. Because I only promote brands that I support and what I really genuinely like.

To my delight, I quickly found products that suited me and that I would love to wear! So much variation in clothes, from chic to casual. I could keep clicking through and there was no end. I soon saw a beautiful blazer dress that I immediately fell in love with.

In addition to clothing, I also thought it would be nice to look at the accessories of the brand. I love bags and jewelry, so maybe there was something good in that sector. After scrolling a few times I immediately saw a beautiful bag! A color that you don’t often see, that really appealed to me. In addition, I mainly have smaller bags, which are intended more for going out or large bags for work, where my laptop and so on fits. This bag has a good size. It has enough space for all daily necessities. The great thing about this bag is that it has a zipper, so your stuff are safe and you can carry it over your shoulder.

Are you already curious about what the brand has to offer? I have great news, because I can offer a discount of 15% on the entire collection! Go to the website of Koyye and use the following discount code: kyfashion15

Website: https://m.koyye.com

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